Dorico Pro 4 - removing previous versions of Dorico

I hope this is a simple question.
I have just acquired and successfully installed Dorico Pro 4. I still have Dorico 3 and Dorico 3.5 on my computer — can I delete them now that Dorico 4 is installed and working? Should I delete them, or is there any advantage to keeping them?

Thanks in anticipation

You can delete them, unless you think you’ll need to use them for some reason. I always delete the old versions and I haven’t run into trouble.

Yes, just as JBH explained, do it as you like, there is no problem either way. Only thing is, if you decide to keep old versions, you are discouraged from running them both at the same time, as that will leed to undefined behaviour.

One reason to keep 3.5 is if you want to hear earlier work with Note Performer sounds if you have a M1.

Noteperformer should run with M1, too, you just need to run Dorico with Rosetta.

Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. Much appreciated.

One other potential reason to hold on to 3.5 is if you have any projects that require tempo adjustments with the tempo editor which is not yet implemented in 4.