Dorico Pro 5.1 - Iconica Harp doesn't play A4 and above with other instruments


In the arrangement I’m working on, the new Harp sample from the Iconica library will not play A4 and any note above it, but only while the whole score is playing back.

When I isolate the harp part and play it back, I can hear those notes.

Is there an expression map I’m missing somewhere?

Are you sure that the notes are not just “lost in the mix”…?

Yup, when I isolated the harp and one other instrument, the higher notes stopped playing.

And they’re not on the same channel?

They’re not, but weirdly enough, isolating other instruments with the harp doesn’t give me the same issue.

The harp is on the 5th Halion Sonic rack, port 1, channel 7.
The instrument canceling out the harp’s high notes is on the 2nd rack, port 1, channel 1.

What’s the other instrument?

A glockenspiel.

This may seem like a strange question, but where is the harp in score order? Is it between percussion and strings (typical order), or at the top? I ask because I’ve had strange behaviors with whatever is at the top (usually piccolo for me).

What you’re describing is not related. Strange behaviours with the piccolo are usually related to using plugins that provide just a single audio return back on channel 1, such as NotePerformer, which will send all audio back via the piccolo part in your case and no audio via any other tracks. In this case you will see “strange behaviors” like muting the piccolo will actually mute many instruments of the ensemble since what Dorico thinks the “piccolo” audio actually is the audio of an entire NotePerformer instance.

Any issues related to this type of issue would cause you to either hear everything normal or not hear it at all. The issue here is described as affecting only some notes and not others.

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Thank you, @mducharme. If this is a different problem, I won’t confuse things with further comment; however, FYI, my occassional issue is that I hear other instruments OK but the piccolo plays extremely loudly, or plays with the sound of a different instrument. It’s easy to fix–just strange.

I really hate bumping this thread, but I’ve tried to find a solution to this problem to no avail and I need to have a mockup recorded by the end of this month. Am I possibly doing something wrong or is this a bug that others have reported?

If there’s a better way to raise this issue again without bumping, please let me know and I won’t do this again!

Quick & dirty workaround: If an instrument is playing in the wrong octave, replace its clef with the same clef, and adjust the clef’s octave offset in Properties. This will make all the following notes jump an octave, so you’ll have to move them up or down afterward.

The instrument isn’t playing in the wrong register; it’s just not playing some notes at all.

Is there any possibility that you have enabled independent voice playback for the harp, and you’ve got one of the harp voices playing back to some channel other than the one that has the harp loaded? That wouldn’t explain why you hear it normally when having it playing by itself.

I would also look through every single instrument in play mode and make sure they are all assigned to the correct output / port / channel.

You can also try opening up the Halion instance while it is playing back and see on the on-screen keyboard in Halion whether the keys are going down when Dorico plays the notes.

There’s no independent voice playback and I’ve already double-checked all the ports and channels!

On the on-screen keyboard in Halion do you see the keys being depressed with the harp notes when you play back the score? Does this happen with notes A4 and above too?

Huh, all the notes are showing up on the keyboard, yet you can’t hear A4 and above??

What happens if you also try playing other notes in that area by clicking with your mouse on the on-screen keyboard, at the same moment when it is trying to play the notes that you aren’t hearing?

When I click those notes on the Halion keyboard at the same time they’re supposed to sound during playback, I can hear them.

Can you please upload your project?