Dorico Pro 5 can not access HALion Sonic 7 dll on win10

!! Halion Sonic !! appears on play vst instrument screen of Dorico Pro 5.
Supporsed to need vst location pass on Setting menu, but I do not know path and dll file name of the HALion Sonic7. Stand alone HALion Sonic 7 works fine. Help.

You’re probably using a playback template that looks for HALion SSE. Try a newer playback template that calls HALion sonic 7

Thanks for immediate reply. I checked playback template and foud ‘HSO,HAlion Sonic Sel, Olympus’ . Available VST instrument selection are Steinberg beep and Halion Sonic SE. if I chose Halion Sonic SE3, Initial menu is load, but sound can’t be selected due to already updated to Halion Sonic 7 version. I thought HALion Sonic7.dll was installed in Program Files/Common Files/ Steinberg / Shared Components, but nothing updated in this folder. HALion Sonic SE.dll still exsists.

First, @masa.murra , welcome to the forum.

Keeping this in mind, can you post a Diagnostic Report (created through the Help menu leaving a zip file on your desktop)?

Hi, normally HALion Sonic should be underneath C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg and also automatically detected by Dorico, no need to setup a path or so.
But if it still can’t find it, please do as Derrek suggested, do trigger the in the help menu the item Create Diagnostics Report, which creates a zip file on your desktop. And if you can’t attach it to a response here, then please send it directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Dorico Diagnostics file had been created on desktop. I had not noticed.
I submit this and it’s my pleasure to give me information.
Dorico (424.0 KB)

Thanks for the data, but no, Dorico does not recognized HALion Sonic 7 on your computer and I doubt that HALion Standalone can find it. Are you 100% sure that it is HALion Sonic 7 that it does recognize? Please create a screen shot with the version info.
And in any case, I’d recommend to install again HALion Sonic 7 by means of the Steinberg Download Assistant.


Reason that if I put several screen shots on this forum,
The Forum screen be too busy, so that 
I send you email that contains screen shot png files on this problem.

Thank you.

Hi Masa,
thanks for the pics and the clarification. Then somehow HALion Sonic is not installed properly. If you go to C:/Program Files/Steinberg/HALion Sonic/VST3 , what is contained in there?
Also, what is in the folder C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3/Steinberg ?


This is screen shots in Program Files both Steinberg and Common Files in zip file.
I expected some *.dll files were there for dynamically loaded application called by Dorico Pro 5.
Under Program (40.3 KB)

Hi Masa,
thanks again for the screenshots. They look all fine and correct, but going back to your diagnostics data you’ve sent earlier, I just now realized that no VST3 plug-ins get recognized with you at all. This is very strange and puzzling.

If you go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\VSTAudioEngine\Components
are there the two files vstscanner.exe and vstscannermaster.exe present?
And if not, do you know anything about them, did you delete them?


Thanks for very helpful advise.
I checked the two files and found them.

I suppose Doroco Pro 5 needs environment variable to access those files.
If your tec people know that variable and how to set to the Dorico,  

That seems to be one of the temporaly solution.

Because, no matter how many times I reinstall HALion Sonic 7 and Dorico Pro 5,
This situation won’t change, I suppose.


VSTAudioEngine - (24.5 KB)

Hi Masa,
this is all completely puzzling me.
Please try the following:
Open a command window, by pressing the Windows key and then type on the Keyboard the letters ‘c’, ‘m’ and ‘d’ and hit the enter key; a new little black window will open. Into that window copy and paste following command

"C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\VSTAudioEngine\Components\vstscanner.exe" -p "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\HALion Sonic.vst3"

and press enter again. What does happen there with you?
(Also make sure that you copy the whole line including all characters including the quotation marks)

Hi Ulf,

     Thanks for your adivse.
     I attached the results that vstscanner execution.

     I tried same Dorico + HALion Sonic 7 installation on 
     another  my work station machine with 128GB memory.
     It worked fine comletely .

      Then I checked the PC which has trouble now and find  one memory slot 
      doesn't recognaize 8GB kingstone memory.   

      Memory itself  was not  break down, but slot controller malfunctioned
      after several test by some tools.

      I ordered mother boad on Yahoo auction and I will fix PC.
      After I fix my PC with 16GB, I'll try same thing I did on  the 128GB 
      workstation and wil report to you!

       As of now, I suppose only 8MB memory PC can't handle 
       Dorico and HALion Sonic 7 at the same time. 
      (Dorico and HALion Sonic SE3 was OK ).

        I thank to your ellaborate work and time.
        Sincerely, (157.8 KB)
memory (65.6 KB)

Hi Masa, the output of the plug-in scanning looks totally normal and as expected.
So I wonder why that apparently fails when run by Dorico and to be honest, I see no connection with that memory problem you mentioned. Only, it could take longer time to do the scanning.
Anyway, do as you propose, get replacement and let me know the outcome.
Should there still be a problem, please consider having a remote screen sharing session with me.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu :slight_smile:

Have you checked it isn’t blocked by Windows?
Click the Windows search bar and look for “controlled folder access”
Click on “Block history”
Check that Dorico isn’t being blocked from accessing certain folders.