Dorico Pro 5 hanging

I find that of late my Dorico Pro 5 is hanging, it unable to load instrument libraries in Kontakt properly. I am enclosing herewith the Diagnostics for the recent session, request help to resolve the issue. I use MacBook Pro M2 MacOS is Ventura, Dorico version is, Dorico audio engine version is
Dorico (887.4 KB)


It looks as if Kontakt 7 is crashing the audio engine, which will ultimately cause Dorico to hang because it requests data from the audio engine when saving or auto-saving, and if the audio engine has crashed, it’ll wait forever.

Please extract the archive, and send the file called VSTAudioEngine5-2023-11-06-201930.ips in the Crashes folder to Native Instruments’ technical support.

Thanks Daniel I shall do the needful.

Hi Daniel thanks for your prompt reply. I am trying to report the issue to Native Instruments however I am unable to find on kontakt 7/ native access or on the NI site an appropriate link for reporting the issue and uploading the ips file, Could you please guide me on this?

I don’t have any special insight, I’m afraid. I used my favourite search engine to search for “how to contact Native Instruments support” and came up with this:

My guess is you want to follow the links for “Music Production Support”.

Thank you so much Daniel for the all the efforts at your end to help resolve my issue. I too earlier had similarly searched and ended at the same webpage on “support.native-instrument” page however I couldn’t find a way to up load my files. in the meanwhile I also found an article that suggested removing the connected NI Plist file and restarting the Mac, this somehow seemed have have worked for me, as in the last 24-36 hours since I removed the plist files of Kontakt 7 and restarted my Mac, the problem has not occurred. Hopefully this reset step has resolved the issue.
Thanks once again Daniel for your support.

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