Dorico Pro 5: Problem after importing Iconica Sketch project as a new flow in a different project

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Is there a way to delete Dorico Pro (5.1.32) supporting files on MacOS that get regenerated by Dorico essentially taking the original configuration (and preferences) back to default?

I created a project that used only the Iconica Sketch library (and Verve Sketching A Score). Since Iconica sounded very nice, I imported this project as a new flow into an existing project. Then I selected use Players that already existed (Verve) and created new players when appropriate.

The problems described below started and seems to be embedded in Dorico program files as the problem below happens with new project.

What happens after the Flow imported. Dorico created another instance of HALion Sonic with and entire orchestral setup. My other HALion Sonic only had a small (jazz) band set-up and added the instruments (strings) to the existing HALion (and deleted to new one).

** Problem 1: for some reason, Dorico kept on creating a second HALion Sonic, populating with an orchestral set-up, removed the instruments from my original HALion and changed all the players Expression Maps.
** Problem 2: I found this to happen with new projects as well. Even repeating the removal of the 2nd HALion and changing the Expression Maps back to default, problem one kept occurring.

Then I started to change Play preferences to see if I can change the way Dorico started up and unfortunately I got the same results. Now I was in unknown territory.

Problem 3: The playback template only had two options: full expression maps for all instrument libraries or silence. The only change that I could make was Silence and when I restarted nothing was shown in the Mixer. Looking at the playback template again, the only additional option was HALion Sonic Selection, Olympus and I chose this with no change other one instrument shows in the Mixer.


Thank you, Bob

Applying a Playback Template wipes out all existing VSTs and replaces them with Dorico’s best guess matching the instruments in the score to those in the template.

When you import a flow, IIRC, Dorico gives you the option to use existing players (hence sounds) or create new ones (which it will also do if it cannot reconcile existing players). Those new players will be allocated sounds from the Default Playback Template (see your Preferences).

I think you should create your own Playback Template. Save Endpoint for your Verve instrument(s) and use one of the Factory Templates as a fall back for any other instruments.

Hi Janus, thank you very much. Your suggestion worked a treat.

I started with my original song applied the playback template. Imported the new Flow from a separate project, applied a saved HALion preset, copied the part from the new flow to my song arrangement and voila, everything was perfect.

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