DORICO PRO 5 ... sorry to have such an issue: may I submit a Diagnostic Report?

I use Dorico on different computers. At home with my Mini Mac M2, connected to an Audio Box . On the road with my Mac Book Air, with no Audio Box. In this situation I connect myself to the headphone output. Of course I work on the same projects on both of the computers, depending from where I am.
I have two persistent problems that frequently occurr.

  1. As I open the file I have been working sometimes the file does not play the audio. The file remain silent for the ‘rest of his life’. I don’t know what to do to proceed working other then going back to an older version, paiste the changes I have done on the last version and save it as the newst version. Working on my recent projects I have been forced to do this procedure several times. This happens on both the computers but mainly on the Mac Book Air.
  2. A new thing that has happened yesterday and today on both the computers is the appearence of a window that said the Audio Driver had been removed. I tried what was suggested to recover it, but it did not work.
  3. A thing that seldom occurs (today it has) is: the sound of the piano changes into some ‘space synth’ and all the other instruments are silent.

I do not know what to do. I do not know if there is something (some command ???) that I do that causes this mess. Actually I do nothing strange :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hope Daniel or somebody else can help. I have prepared 2 Diagnostics, if useful in case I can provide a few more.

Thank you

Hi Gianni,
I will have a look tomorrow, it’s already late here.
But it would also help, if you could send at least one of the “silent” project files to me.
If you don’t want to post them here publicly, please send them directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg do de. Thanks

Thanks Ulf

Gianni, I received your diagnostics, thanks for that. But I don’t know if you intended it, they appear both to come from your Mac Book Air. It would be good to see also the diagnostics from your MacMini.

Additionally - as I mentioned earlier - please also send me at least one of the project files where no sound comes out any more.

In the logs I can see often messages like:
channel dest not found VST Mixer\Channels\Synth 18 (id 1912)!
So Dorico’s audio engine somehow can’t connect channels in the internal mixer, so it is no wonder that no sound will come out. But I still don’t know how this can happen. That’s why, please send me also a diagnostics file from your MacMini, plus at least one of the “silent” project files.

The message in regards to removed audio drivers, this has most likely nothing to do with Dorico. Dorico does not remove or add drivers, not by itself nor on command by the user. So I don’t know where that might came from.

When the piano turns into a space synth, does that happen only on one of your computers or both? If it happens again, immediately create another diagnostics report and rename it to “Dorico Diagnostics Spacey” and also send me. After that please try and apply the Playback template again. Therefore go to the Play mode and from the menu choose Play > Playback Template. Does that bring back the correct sounds?