Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements

I would like to suggest that these be separate groups in the left hand index of Steinberg products.

So often, a question about Templates and Engaving comes up, only to find that the answer relates to the Pro version. As a user of Elements, I have spent quite a lot of time trying to implement an exciting feature, only to conclude Elements doesn’t have it.

Even Steunberg staff - who are super helpful - fail to qualify that the answer only applies to the Pro version.

(Yes, I will upgrade to Pro in due course)

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Thanks for your feedback. We don’t plan to introduce separate categories for Pro, Elements, and SE, nor for Dorico for iPad with and without a subscription. I’ll try to remember to specify if the solution I am proposing when I answer a user’s question is only possible in Pro (or indeed in Elements, since Dorico SE and Dorico for iPad users also visit this forum).


@Pa4X_user please always feel free to ask if a feature is available in Elements, if that hasn’t already been specified. We do our best to be helpful, but we are also human with other things on our minds, and may forget to qualify all the details all of the time!


Thank you for your comments, appreciated