Dorico Pro and SE side-by-side?

I’d like to check how my Dorico Pro 4 projects look in Dorico SE 4 before I send them to my collaborator who has only Dorico SE 4.

I tried installing it, but the Steinberg Download Assistant seems to have not added a Dorico SE 4 application?

Is it like Cubase AI/LE/Elements where there is one application that adapts itself according to what licence you have?

In which case, how does one launch into a lesser version to check compatibility?


Normally pressing ALT or CTRL (IIRC) while starting Dorico leads one to Elements and SE, but I believe this is temporarily unavailable in this initial release of Dorico 4.

see here:

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I knew I had read it somewhere.

I hope this can be fixed before the trial version comes out, as I am a great believer that prospective Dorico users should opt for the Pro trial so that they can try out all three versions via the special startup feature, if they wish, before buying.

This has been fixed in Dorico 4.0.10.

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It seems to be, but it seems hit or miss for me. After several tries, I was able to bring Dorico 4.0.10 up as Elements this morning. It is hard to find documentation of which keys to press (perhaps because it wasn’t functional in 4.0) but I heartily recommend those who use the trial version (is that out yet?) to go for the Pro trial so they can sample the others (and it may whet the appetite of those who thought they only needed Elements :wink:)

I evangelise for Dorico.

I ask collaborators (including Sibelius and Finale users) to install Dorico SE.

I send them my projects.

It’s disappointing for this purpose that:

  1. Dorico SE is a burdensome and confusing process for casually-interested users to get
  2. It’s hard for me to preview what they will see

I agree that ideally it would be possible simply to download Dorico SE without first needing to receive a Download Access Code, and you should then be able to sign in with your existing Steinberg ID (or make a new one) when running the software for the first time, and that is where we are headed, but we are still at the beginning of the journey with Steinberg Licensing, and it is not only the licensing but also all of the other systems around software distribution and deployment that need to be modified correspondingly.

To smooth customer acquisition, I’d say, ideally, trials and free versions, would be an installer that just installed (no interim download manager) and asked users to sign-up from within the application? (no online account first)

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