Dorico Pro Crashes

Hello everyone!
It’s my first time on the Steinberg Forum, but since I keep having problems that Steinberg’s standard support has not been able to solve, I thought to ask the Steinberg Community for help!

I have been using Dorico Pro 4 for a few months now and I continue to have the same problem: while working, it crashes!
I noticed that it happens especially when writing words (lyrics and expression text as well) but it happens even while inserting notes.
This problem came also often when using my MIDI keyboard (Komplete M32).

Since the problem came with a strange screen effect (see png attached), and since the Steinberg Support told me that probably the problem was from the graphics card (I have an HP OMEN, with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor and an AMD Radeon RX 6600M craphics card), I tried various solution: restore the basic graphics drivers, installing the last updates, unistalling Dorico, re-installing Dorico. I used also the free tryal period with Dorico Pro 5 but still the crashes came in.

Finally, I tried to set Windows to use the integrated graphics card (AMD Radeon Graphics) and the dedicated one: with the integrated one the screen does not “blur” anymore but still Dorico crashes; with the dedicated one, it both “blurs” and crashes.

Since the problem can appear several times in few minutes, it can let the work…unworkable!

I’ll be gratefull for any advice and solutions you can provide me.

First, @Raffius , welcome to the forum.

If you are using a MIDI keyboard, try unplugging it and then opening a new file in Dorico to make sure the MIDI keyboard is not sending spurious signals.

This is certainly an unusual looking screen effect.

Hello @Derrek! Thank you for the welcome and for the reply!
I already have unplugged the MIDI keyboard. Since I saw it was not working well, I unplugged it.
I want to specify that I have another MIDI keyboard (always a Komplete but S61 MK2) and there are no differences with the problem! I have unplugged it as well.

It is a strange looking effect indeed :man_shrugging:

Can you provide a Diagnostic Report, from the Help menu, soon after it crashes?

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Are you overclocking? It could be that the CPU is simply shutting down to prevent overheating. If you open whatever fan/cooling software you have, what sort of temps are you running?

I don’t have this issue with Dorico and my 5950x, but if I overclock then I get a similar issue when using Lightroom. Everything is fine if I don’t overclock. If you are overclocking, try going back to the default settings. You can also try the “extreme” fan/cooling setting, or whatever your software calls it.

@benwiggy Since it is 48MB I can’t upload directly and it says to me that I can’t post links. How can I send it on the Forum?


@FredGUnn I don’t think so…honestly, I never set any overclocking but I don’t know if it is a default setting on this computer.

But, I can say that the system is not running with too much high temperature. I mean, the CPU is around 55° while the GPU is around 43°.


Yeah, those ranges are normal. In Windows if you go to System/Display what are your Scale and Display Resolution settings? Are you using anything other than the Windows “Recommended” settings there?

That’s a lot of crash! Maybe try adding it without the http / bit, so it doesn’t appear as a link?

@benwiggy /scl/fi/v5z06w7og9aaiusvrasj3/

Add the www . dropbox . com before that code. Does it work?

Does the file grow bigger as much as the number of crash are? (I honestly ignore that). Aniway, it is from yesterday but count that I need to work so I’m continue working and it continues to crash. Multiply that for days and days of work, and that’s why it is so big!

By the way, I was thinking to go back to Sibelius but I started enjoying Dorico workflows…so I would like to solve this problem and not to change software.


The scale is 100% (suggested).

The resolution is 1920x1080 (suggested)

I’m working with an external screen. Can it maybe cause any problems?
By the way, I was thinking to get a stationary workstation and I hope that it will work well in that case…

The links works. I’m sure one of the team will be along in due course to delve into it.

Well, more crashes will generate more data, but there will be other factors, like having lots of plug-ins, etc.

Sorry, I’m stumped then. It looks like there are 9 crash files in there, so as Ben mentioned, hopefully the devs can sleuth it out from those.

@benwiggy @FredGUnn

Thank you both for your interest and assistance!
Just to let you know, actually has been almost a month since I wrote to the Support Team and the problem is still not fixed. I mean, it seems that is an AMD problem at the basis yet I am affected only when using Dorico, not with other softwares.
The last email I received from Steinberg Support Team says (I’ll extract)

Turns out you are not the only person with an AMD RX6600m to have similar problems. So you were probably right, it could very well be an AMD issue.

***community.amd . com /t5/graphics-cards/blender-and-games-crashes-rx6600m-squares-artifacts/td-p/516004

The suggestion in that thread that seems the most successful is this:

“[…] in Windows 11, I just changed 2 values under:

You have to search corresponding folder, (e.g. 0000, etc.) There’s EnableAspmL0s and EnableAspmL1 , set them to 0


So that might be worth a try. But it doesn’t sound like it’s something we’ll be able to fix in our software, unfortunately.

I hope this was helpful. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me again.

I did what they suggested yet I the problem remains.
So I tried to write on the Forum hoping that some has found another solution.

Maybe in the future something will come out!
Aniway, thank you both for your assistance! If anything will come out solving this problem, I’ll (try to remember to) update the content to let you know!


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Can you post an excerpt of the Dorico file that still exhibits the problem with the Playback Template set to Silent to see if others have trouble with the file?

Actually, I’m working on other’s composer scores, so I’m not able to share their music.
Aniway, I would say it is not a file’s problem, but a software/hardware one, since every single scores I did with Dorico had the same issue while copying.

Raffius, at least the screenshot.png looks like art… I hope your problem gets solved soon!

Hi @Raffius ,
thanks for the diagnostics data. We will have a look at the contained crash files and come back soon.

@dspreadbury, I’ve sent the dumps to TST-6564.

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Hi @Raffius , your crash dump files show a callstack that is very similar to what we have seen before with other users, e.g. in this thread.
What graphics card do you have?

Hi @Ulf and thanks for your help.
I have an AMD Radeon RX 6600M, which, by the way, seems to have also a problem with other applications (see this article removing the space in the URL community.amd . com /t5/graphics-cards/blender-and-games-crashes-rx6600m-squares-artifacts/td-p/516004)

This article was provided to me through Steinberg Assistance ticket and you can find the complete message up in this conversation.

I also tried to set Windows to use the basic AMD Radeon Graphics (integrated card) for running Dorico, but I had always crashes. Sometimes without the squares, other times with white and smaller squares (I know, it is complicated for me to explain all the details).

I read the link you posted and…not sure about what I have to do. Since I tried for some days to work with old drivers, as a solution, now I tried to updated those. Then I tried to write
set QT_OPENGL=desktop C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4” in the prompt command, is it right how I wrote it? (I checked Dorico’s path on my computer).
Aniway, it crashed again. I noticed that writing text (both lyrics, tempos and expressions) increases the chances of the crashes yet it happens even when inserting notes.

I have created a DxDiag: if you need it, I can post it here or just give me an email where to send it.

Thanks Ulf!