Dorico pro easier to work ?

I read here in the comparison that there is in Dorico pro:
-Custom note and rest groupings
-Custom brackets and braces

Has Dorico pro a easier note input then Dorico Elements ?
Seems to me not the case.
Otherwise i am convicted to working with a more difficult version of Dorico :slight_smile:
That’s not the deal…

Further about expression maps
Why no song example for this new feature?
Cubase has also this expression map.

Note input in Pro isn’t any different from Elements.

What do you mean by song example for expression maps? You can download expression maps in the sticky thread on this forum. But need to have the relevant sample library installed on your computer to use them.

Please explain what you find difficult about note entry. There’s probably something you’re missing.

Yes, by a song example I mean an orchestration example or more modern example with classical instruments in it with the expression map.
Am in possession of HSO that I then bought in an offer
Of course qualitatively a simple orchestral sound library containing HSO (halion symphonic orhestra)
Have a look if for the sampler contact (native instruments) there is an expressionmap for which sample library