Dorico Pro Sounds on Windows

To the people of Dorico Forums,

I’m having a bit of trouble running Dorico 3.5 Pro (Demo Version) on my Windows PC. I am not having trouble with the software itself but rather the sounds zip file. It’s more than likely just my inexperience with 7zip and WinRAR, but I was wondering if someone could walk me through this or film a tutorial on it.

Thanks in Advance,
Ian Hook

Welcome to the forum Ian.
Well, it’s a long time ago since I installed the sounds myself, so I don’t remember any more exactly, but it should be just a matter of downloading the package and letting the installer run.
It should be all self extracting so no need to fiddle with 7zip or WinRAR.
Do you find a specific issue during installation?
If it tells you that the path is too long, then you need to move the download package more up in the file system, e.g. directly in the root of the C drive and run it from there.

Good Morning Ulf,

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s the case (Maybe because I previously had 7zip and WinRAR installed). I click on the zip file of the sounds and automatically my PC opens 7zip or WinRAR. I’ve downloaded the package but I can’t really find the installer, just a folder of sounds. Am I missing something important? Like I said I’ve already downloaded the main program.

Thanks again,
Ian Hook

Is there no setup.exe in there?

Not that I could see, I can check again later today (I’m not at a point where I can access my PC until around 3). I may have just skipped over it though.

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for you to run into a limitation of how long a path can be in Windows when installing the sounds. By default, SDA will download everything into a named folder inside your Downloads folder, and depending on the length of your username and/or the way you have your computer configured, it’s possible for the path in which the .zip file that you need to uncompress to get at the installer to be sufficiently long that extracting some of the files from the .zip file fails silently, leaving you with an incomplete set of files and a problem installing the software.

I’m really sorry about that, because it’s pretty inexcusable, really. It’s something we’ve talked about internally but as yet we haven’t decided what exactly to do about it.

Anyway, here’s how to sort it out.

  1. Download the sound content again to be sure you have a complete download. Click here to download.
  2. Once the 8.6GB file has fully downloaded, in Windows Explorer go to the root of your hard disk, which should be drive letter C:.
  3. Create a new folder directly in the root of the C: drive called something like Sounds.
  4. Drag the file you downloaded in step 1 into the C:\Sounds folder.
  5. Right-click the file and choose Extract Here to extract the files inside the archive. This will take a minute or so.
  6. You may find that you have got a new folder inside the C:\Sounds folder, or you may now see directly the Setup.exe icon. Find it and double-click it.
  7. Follow your nose through the on-screen prompts to install the sounds.
  8. Once everything is complete, you can delete the Sounds folder from the C: drive to recover the hard disk space.

I hope this helps you get up and running, and sorry again for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much, this helped a ton!