Dorico Pro to SE workflow?

Is there any issue with having both Dorico Pro and Dorico SE installed on the same system? Am I correct that SE can open any file created in Pro, it’s just further edits are handicapped? Unless I’m on the road, I virtually never use my laptop for writing, only for teaching, displaying, and playing back scores. As I’d much rather leave the dongle at home than have to worry about losing it, if I install SE on my laptop, will it be sufficient for this, as long as I’m opening projects created in Pro? Just curious if others use a Pro to SE workflow so they don’t have to worry about the dongle.

You can use SE just fine… if you have one or two players in the project. More than two, and it’ll open as read-only.

A project with one or two players can be edited in SE, even if it contains Pro elements like cues, or modified master pages.

You don’t even need to “install” SE: you just need to get an SE licence. It’s the same app, either way.

So you’d have the SE licence on the computer (“soft”), and the Pro licence on the dongle.

Todd, close out of Dorico completely. Then when you double-click to launch it again, immediately press and hold the Ctrl key. Voila… SE. For Elements, hold down Alt.

Read-only means you can view and playback, just not edit, save, or export.

I wish you could add or reply to comments, which would be ideal for sending scores to a collaborator who just wants to give feedback.

I had no idea about this, thanks all!!! It’s just to open and play back stuff when teaching, I don’t need any editing capabilities for this, and this way don’t have to bring the dongle.

The college where I teach starts in-person classes next week. The safety precautions on campus and in the classroom are very, very good but … I assume parties are gonna bring everything crashing down in about two weeks anyway. Then I’ll be back teaching at home and won’t have to worry about it.

I think the key-hold thing only works when there is a valid Pro licence. Otherwise you need to get an SE licence code for when the dongle’s not there.

Thanks! I put a SE soft license on my laptop so I basically have a read-only version of Dorico, which is perfect.