Dorico Pro Trial vVersion not working properly

I have downloaded and installed Dorico Pro 3.5 trial version and after several attempts got my elicencer to let me open the program. I found though that Halion sonic SE 3 gives me inconsistent results when I try to load instruments. The one time I got it to work in a trial setup the sound coming out was barely audible.
The same thing happened when I tried HALion out in Cubase 8.5
I have only 26gb free space on my hard drive so is it possible that the installation of the sounds was corrupted. I am going around and around in circles at the moment as the elicencer also prompts me from time to time to ‘retry’ connecting.
I had heard such a lot about Dorico that I was seriously considering buying it But it seems to me to be very buggy at the moment and I am reconsidering my options

It is certainly not the case for most of us. Chances are someone from the team will help you make it up and running.

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Of course the trial version does not include the HSO instruments, but volume on the HALion SE set should not be giving one volume problems.

@asterism87 , please start the Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico), what libraries does it show as installed with you? Maybe you can make a screenshot if you don’t want to type it all in.

I wonder whether perhaps the issue might be that the sounds installer has silently failed to install some of the sounds? This can happen on Windows, particularly if you unzip the downloaded zip file in a folder that is already quite deep in the folder structure of your drive.

If you still have the original file that you downloaded via Steinberg Download Assistant, try making a new folder called e.g. Sounds in the root of your C:\ drive, and move the zip file into there. Then go into that folder and right-click the zip file, and choose to unzip it there in that folder. That should create another folder, probably called HALion_Sonic_SE_and_Content_for_Dorico_Pro_3.4_Installer_win. Go in there and double-click the Setup file, and that should do the trick.

Many thanks for your input!
I tried out what you suggested and although I had already shifted the library off my C drive using the Steinberg Library Manager program, somehow it all worked out well with my library installed properly on my E drive as before but now working properly as far as I can see.
I now have a working version of Dorico Pro with all components installed and aside from an occasional ‘try again’ from the elicencer I am quite chuffed with Dorico!

Great, I’m glad to hear it. When Dorico 4 is released (Real Soon Now), the trial version will not be made available at exactly the same time, but perhaps Dorico 3.5 will be sufficiently encouraging for you to take the plunge with Dorico 4 anyway – especially since the eLicenser will be a thing of the past in Dorico 4. I am preparing to dance a little jig on its grave.


Could that be the next „Discover Dorico(s Product Marketing Manager way to spend his free time)“ with live commentary by John?

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