Dorico Pro3 on Win 8.1 OK?

I have Dorico 1.2.10 since day One (haven’t used it) and I am thinking of upgrading to Pro 3. I see. however, that Windows 10 (64-bit) is listed under requirements. I am staying with Win 8.1 - can Pro 3 run on that platform and will it be stable? Or is that a problem?

I don’t believe there’s been any change since was posted, but do read through to the bottom of that thread.

Things might not have “changed for the worse”, but that doesn’t mean that your previous issues like this thread will have magically fixed themselves.

Running the trial version is the best way to answer the question.

Sure, but that thread goes back to a version of Dorico that theoretically was supported on Windows 8. I don’t have sufficient details to know whether that problem was anything to do with the operating system - the thread seems to be inconclusive.

To reiterate what Rob said, there is a demo version of Dorico Pro 3 you could try.

Good idea, didn’t realize that, will do. Would still be interested, though, to hear from WIN8.1 users (there must still be some, many? no …?) if they had problems and if so, of what kind.

OK so far. However, I can absolutely NOT make any other VST instruments appear as a choice in PLAY. I am using the ARIA player and Garritan Personal Orchestra (as in Cubase, where I do the initial composing, exporting MIDI files to Dorico, or Finale as the case was so far …) and I have done this in the first Dorico version where it works just fine. I’ve put all the (presumably) pertinent files everywhere - VST, VST3, etc. but to no avail … Where do they go, what’s missing? How can I use these instruments? I am sure this has been asked many times on this forum, but I can’t find the answer. Thanks for any help.

You do have to list the ARIA player in the Whitelist (accessible through Edit > Preferences > Play).

I find I only use the Multi version of the ARIA player so I have the option of sending different instruments through different Output Channels to different faders in the Dorico Mixer.


got it! thanks