Dorico Project gone

Hi! As I was finalizing my Dorico Project on my iPad, I suddenly lost my whole score. I was changing my title and I saw “Flow 1” underneath my title, which I didn’t want so I deleted “flow 1”. The page went all black. Now when I open my project, everything remains empty. Normally there shoud be a back-up, but also this is gone. Can anyone please help me? The project was just finished and now I remain empty-handed with only a wav-audio and PDF. I never got the question “delete all” or “delete file”. It really happened suddenly. I would really appreciate any help!
Kind regards, Jens

if you close Dorico completely and re-open, do you see the project file in the list of recent files?
If yes, can you read the path?

Do you mean text frames are empty or do you mean there is no music at all (as if you’ve deleted a Flow)?

I see the project in my recent files but i can only rename or delete it. When i open the project it’s empty.

There is no music at all :frowning:

Have you checked if you’ve just deactivated the flow from your current layout?

Jens, in the Hub switch to list view. There you can see the path to your file.

Yes, i am pretty sure it’s deleted…

I guess this is what you mean?

Are you talking about the Project Info dialog? Because if you selected “Flow 1” and clicked the Trash button, then you deleted your Flow.

Every Dorico project has at least one flow. Music is stored in Flows.

Deleting a Flow in the Project Info does not give a warning message. If you delete a Flow in Setup mode, then you get this:

… and really that ought to happen in Project Info, too (but doesn’t.)

Yes i think this happened. But indeed, without a warning message. So there is nothing I can do to get my project back?

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I had not noticed this before.
It is (IMO) a serious omission to be able delete a flow without a warning.


The flow you deleted contained all your music. You probably can’t get it back. You mentioned having a PDF. If you have a PDF of the music you can re-enter the notes in Dorico. But your flow is probably gone

I believe both PC’s and Macs have a feature which allows you to revert the computer to an earlier state. Perhaps you could recover your project that way.

You could use music scanning software on your PDF, save it as an MusXML file and import that into Dorico.

In hindsight, the first thing one should do if something like this happens would be: Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z for undo!
Still not everything might be lost, if you look in the Dorico projects backup folder, you might recover a recent version of that file. Do a global search on your computer for „Sheba“
If it’s the Händel piece “Arrival of the queen of Sheba” I can send you my version as .dorico file. Might save you some extra work…

I’m really sorry to hear that you lost your work, Jens. If the project was saved in iCloud Drive, you may be able to recover an earlier version via the iCloud web site.

We should definitely show a warning in the Project Info dialog before going ahead and deleting flows, which is something we will add for our next update. We can’t easily show a pop-up message box from a dialog like Project Info in Dorico for iPad due to some technical limitations of being a Qt-based application, so we will instead remove the button to delete a flow from the iPad version: you will still be able to delete a flow via the Flows panel in Setup mode if need be, but that will properly warn you of the consequences of your action.


Thank you, I tried this but unfortunately it didn’t work. On my iPad I can find the dorico folder but there is no backup folder.

Very kind of you to offer your Sheba, but I actually finished a latin inspired version of that piece with variations. I think the structure and everything is different so it will not be necessary, but thank you a lot anyway!

Do you have the means to scan in your PDF? It’s an imperfect solution at best, but I thought I’d ask.