Dorico project won't load up properly?


Yesterday I was working with a dorico project without any flaws or issues, before finishing I saved and closed the project it as normal and now when I try to open it up again the load bar gets to 100% but then nothing happens, it is as if the file has been loaded but then nothing shows up, and if I try to press on the “dorico icon” on the taskbar nothing happens either.

When I try to open other projects, then they load up without any issues, if I try to load up a previous version of this particular project (that I used a few days ago), then it also loads up without any issues. So for some reason, after closing this project yesterday, it seems like something happened with the file that made it unable to open up today?

Does anyone here have any idea/clue what could have caused this, and how I can solve this? Since I made a lot of progress on the project yesterday, I would love to not lose all the work.

(I use Dorico Elements 5, and I have already tried to reboot the computer without any success.)

Thanks in advance.

Can you upload a cutdown version of your project that will do this?

Well, he can’t cut it down if he can’t open it. Whole project, perhaps?

Yeah exactly, got a little confused by Daniels request, since I can’t even open the project properly, cutting it down is not really possible (unless there is a trick that I don’t know of). But I don’t think the size of the file is any problem, since I can open up a previous version of this project, that has a very similar size. (1.85 mb vs 2.30).

Oh, God :man_facepalming:


Sorry about my pre-coffee post. Can you send a link to google drive or something?

No worries! I am myself very non-functional before coffee (I understand the struggle :slight_smile: ).

Here is the dorico project file that won’t load properly:
WinterV3.dorico (2.3 MB)

Here is also the previous version of the same project that works loading up, just in case it might be any help: WinterV2.dorico (1.9 MB)

That’s a relief!

I’m still on Dorico 4 and so there’s a few things that won’t appear for me but it opens as expected for me.

Ok, I just solved this, in a very unexpected and weird way, and I don’t even know why it worked.
The old project file still won’t work, but a solution was to create a simple copy of the file and then open the new file instead, this worked without any issues.

I still don’t know what got wrong with my old file though, and since daniel could indeed open it, makes it even more mysterious, if anyone know what could have caused this, would be very interesting to know.
At least I can finally continue to work now.