Dorico projects not in MacOS Finder "Recents" window

I find the MacOS (Big Sur) “Recents” Finder window very useful but .musicxml files and .dorico files don’t appear in it whereas, frustratingly, .sib files do!

OK, I know I can use a smart folder to achieve almost the same thing as “Recents” but … presumably Sibelius does something that registers .sib files so that they are recognised in “Recents”. Can Dorico not do the same?
I can find no way in the MacOS GUI of customising Finder to extend the types of file it recognises.

Spotlight is a bit fussy about what it considers to be a “Document”, which is a subset of ‘Files’.

(Notice that you can choose search terms for files as either “Text, Images, Video, PDF, Document, or Other”.)

I notice that Affinity Suite documents aren’t included either. Nor are Finale .musx files. (Though MusicXML files are.)

There isn’t a user configuration for what counts as a document. I’m not sure if the devs can flag the file type as such.

After a bit of research, it seems that Spotlight only considers a file a ‘document’ if there is a Spotlight ‘importer’ for it – which is a plug-in to provide Spotlight with things like metadata or file contents for the file type.

Sibelius, it seems, does have a Spotlight importer. Finale used to, but it was removed because it kept crashing Spotlight and ramping up the CPU.

It was a nice feature, as you could search for all files in D major with a Violin part, modified last month.

I believe it’s on Dorico’s To Do list, but as a Mac-only feature, presumably not high-priority.

We definitely do plan to add both a Spotlight importer and a Quick Look generator, but they’re sufficiently tricky to do that we’ve not managed to prioritise it yet.

By way of example for how tricky they are to create: Apple (rightly) requires that your Quick Look generator can generate a preview for any file in less than five seconds (this being their threshold for what counts as “quick”, I suppose). If your Quick Look generator takes longer than five seconds to return, it gets killed by macOS. This is why the Sibelius Quick Look importer works for some smaller, trivial files, but not for larger ones: if it takes longer than five seconds to load and render the score, it will get killed by the OS.

Thanks Daniel. Even the Spotlight importer without the Quicklook generator would be useful - personally I think I would use the former quite a bit and the latter hardly at all.
I was looking on GitHub at several (not very recent) examples and also an account of somebody’s more recent exploration. Next lockdown I might have a crack at it :wink:

Specifically, I suppose it would be the ability to

  1. Search with Spotlight on metadata from a Dorico file’s Project Info and

  2. “Recents” to include Dorico Projects (but not necessarily loads of timestamped auto backed up files)

Unless you exclude the Backup folder from Spotlight, there’s no way to distinguish backup files and autosaves, as they are just .dorico files.