Dorico purchase?

Hi Daniel, may I ask a question which might be difficult to answer?

Do you (in your professional opinion) consider it a good deal to purchase the first few versions of Dorico-crossgrade? I guess what I need to know is, will I be able to continue my busy workflow printing my compositions and arrangements switching to Dorico or will it take some time to catch up with Sibelius? I’m only referring to inputting elements and printing parts. I know the playback will improve in time, but if Dorico will not print good scores from to word GO, it might then not be a good idea to cross grade…which leaves me with another concern. If Dorico DID catch up and even surpasses their competition, will I then still be able to cross-grade. If NOT…then I will HAVE to purchase Dorico and wait until it matured.

I’m asking this because you (with due respect) said many times “…but it might not be in the first version…”.

Although I cannot wait to see Dorico and start working with it, I cannot compromise on my workflow. I’m not sure whether Steinberg will allow me using Sibelius if I crossgraded…or may I use Sibelius after purchasing Dorico?


Whether or not you will be able to use Dorico for all of your work from the very first version depends on the exact nature of all of your work, of course. You’ll be able to try Dorico out for 30 days before you choose to buy it, which should give you plenty of time to attempt a project with the software and see whether or not it suits your needs.

If you choose to buy the crossgrade, you will not lose access to your qualifying software. You can still use it, and you can continue to buy further upgrades as needed.

The main reason to cross-grade early is to take advantage of the reduced price available (I think I remember Daniel saying he expected it to be for 2 or 3 months?). Whether you begin to use the software straight away or not, isn’t really relevant. I would expect the vast majority of users will continue to use Sibelius/Finale alongside Dorico for a time (especially if we often collaborate with others).

As I’m really mainly interested in fairly conventional notation, with a reasonable playback facility, I’m thinking that maybe - just maybe - Dorico will provide me with something useful from the off.

At the moment I’m writing for some pretty big ensembles - scores with thirty-plus staves - with a need to print parts too.

What might clinch it would be if the default printed output was a lot better than what I am accustomed to and less tweaking of parts was required. If that was the case, I would switch like a shot. As it is, I’m likely to buy Dorico as soon as possible to take advantage of the introductory offer and to get familiar with a program that may well become the industry standard in a few years.

Three or four years ago I bought Cubase6 (or 5 ?). My idea was to score my music, select VST instruments, and end up with a copy of my work. I was not to go the regular way yet (recording). I became so disapointed with the notation software included in Cubase that I stopped using it. The quantization made me do complex calculations that I didn’t want to do. All I wanted was input notes and beneft from the capacity of Cubase.

Now, there’s talk about Dorico. I’ll look at it. But I want to know some things… Will it be included in a upcoming version of Cubase or will an update be available for my “old” Cubase ? Or will it be a byside product sold separately, which would be in my opinion a non-sense.
I’ve already spent almost 600$ for a Cubase I didn’t use because of the notation software. My hope is that my problem will be solved in a non-too expensive way.


Dorico is a completely separate application to Cubase. Over time we have plans to bring Dorico and Cubase closer together so that you can start projects in one application and finish them in the other easily and efficiently, and beyond that potentially work in both at the same time, or bring some of the scoring features of Dorico directly into Cubase, but these are all long-term goals.

Hello, my friend!

Yes, all that concerns me is (like ChrisC and MiJ) I just need to print a Navy Band score (20-30 staves),expertly formatted and obviously printing the parts. That’s it, for now. Cool features to make life easier for the engraver like “Explode, Reduce, Filtering, Viewing selected staves only, Scrubbing, adding a graphic on the front Title page, etc.” will be among the first required tools, as usual. But, knowing your team, we can expect quite a lot in the future. That is the main need at the beginning.

And, YES, creating a hybrid between Dorico, Cubase and hopefully a Lite version of StaffPad(as the handwriting module), Dorico will definitely the BIG boy on the block. Using PlugIns, EQ, Reverb, etc. and even drawing performance expressions like in StaffPad…will be superb! Even a fantastic Orchestral VST would be great!

Anyway, for now, the main need/requirement would be to expertly produce a score and print the parts.

Thanks, Daniel, and best wishes to you and your team. GET SOME SLEEP AS WELL!! :slight_smile:


So… if Dorico is a completly separated thing from Cubase, there’s no need for me to go this way. I wanted to input my scores into Cubase 7 and use its VST instruments facilities to hear and record my works at the same time.
So advise me when the two will be bond together. Otherwise, for my own need, I don’t see the benefit.