Dorico quitting

Several crashes I had today. Later installed latest version Noteperformer but the it keeps crashing. It crashes for shure if I want to change the margin size. The Diagnostics file is to big 13MB can I send it a different way?

It stays crashing in print mode. Also in silent mode.

Dorico 5.01 Windows 11 Pro

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Hi @Maarten_Kruijswijk , please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Maarten, does this crash occur with all projects? I’m guessing not – I guess it’s only affecting one of your projects. What steps are you taking that bring about the crash? It looks like you’re trying to change something in Print mode. Can you attach the project you’re working on here?

Blue Lou LLJB.dorico (1009.8 KB)
Hi Daniel, I’m not sure if it only occurs with this file. But problaby it has something to do with the printing. The crash occurs when I look to the print preview. Scrolling the parts. When I want to change the printer in all parts in one time it also crashes.

I have to admit that this file is quite old. (Dorico 1 or 2 maybe) With a new arrangement for this band I start with the last song and put in a new flow and throw out the old one.

I started this morning with a new file, imported some templates and copied the notes into the new file. I haven’t had any crashes since then.

In that new file, the printer tab goes straight to Microsoft to PDF. Instead of the HP printer that is not connected. It is strange that the Graphical preview always shows a Letter size instead of an A4. I think that has been the case since I had to provide a big band arrangement in letter format. It’s like he didn’t go back to A4 after that. The printer preview is correct A4. Might have nothing to do with it but who knows.


It maybe occurs for the first time when I was trying to change the page margin (layout options) while I was in Print mode.

It happens also in other files. But they have the same printer problem in a way. First looking to the HP printer. When I want to change it to another printer it crashes.

Ok I think I have the problem now. When I connect the HP printer There is no crash and I’m able to change the printer to Microsoft print to PDF. When I disconnect the HP printer then there is no crash.

So I have to edit all the files that are looking for that printer and change the printer when the printer is connected. That is a lo of work. So I hope there is a way that Dorico is not crashing on a printer he can not find. Or do I miss something? :slight_smile: Maybe a Windows setting can do the trick. I tried changing the setting default printer but that doesn’t work.

BTW in Dorico 4 this problem was not there. Dorico needed some time (1 minute with a little freeze) before to give a preview so was maybe looking for the printer, but there was no crash.

But also in Dorico 4 it is using the latest used printer and not the default printer. Hm now not anymore. I’m not quite sure about that. When I open old files in Dorico 4 now they all take the default printer.

In Graphics mode the PDF page size uses what has been defined in each Layout’s Layout Option. Since PDF’s are vector format, the PDF page size is really just a ratio of height to width.

The page size that appears in the print panel for a PDF is irrelevant.

For your other concern, how would one print a hard copy with the printer disconnected? Again, the page size would already be defined in the Layout Options and should be set when you open Print mode with the printer connected. I cannot imagine the printer needs to be connected in order to edit the files.

Perhaps I misunderstand. If so, please explain further.

In Graphics mode the PDF page size uses what has been defined in each Layout’s Layout Option. Since PDF’s are vector format, the PDF page size is really just a ratio of height to width.

That is correct but that is not happening on my system. When I have a A4 in Layout Options I see a Letter in Graphics mode. Not absolute size but the ratio. So it is not possible to have a good preview. The printing result to PDF is correct with the A4 ratio. So it is not a big deal because you can have a good preview in Write or Engrave mode or chose a printer. I think this problem is already known.

For your other concern, how would one print a hard copy with the printer disconnected?

I don’t want a hard copy but there is always an printer chosen by Dorico even if you have selected graphics. When that printer is disconnected I have a crash by just previewing the parts. Or the crash is there already before you can make the print (PDF). So there is a Dorico crash after visiting the print mode. If I don’t go to print mode everything works.

So by turning on my printer everything works also. But that means that if I take my laptop to another place I can not print to PDF. An what to think about when you want to work whit old files in a couple of years when that printer will not exist anymore. Maybe it is just my system.

Half of my files use the default printer on my system (Microsoft print to PDF) then also everything works fine. The files that printed in the past directly to the HP printer seems not to be able to pick the default printer now.

The display size in Graphics mode is irrelevant. That is why the paper size has been grayed out. At one time the image had no borders at all, and folks complained about seeing a relatively small image on a screen that was almost totally white, so the Development Team changed it.

One can, of course, print a PDF image designed for Tabloid (11 X 17") size on a Legal (8.5 x 14") size sheet of paper, but the margins will be askew because the PDF print routine scales the image to have the correct PDF ratio and fit completely on the paper size printed.

Ok I see. It still looks strange to me. When I select the printer is see a white paper A4 with the part. When I select Graphics I see a similar white paper but with a different size. Looks to me as the ratio of a letter with the part on it. Then I would prefer not the view of paper but just all the screen white. But that is personal I suspect. It is no problem only something I don’t expect. :slight_smile: Thanks for explanation

What happens on my system is that the display size in Graphics takes the size of the setting in the printer. So I discovered that the setting in Microsoft print to PDF printer was a Letter that was the reason that the display was a letter. I changed that now to A4 and I get a A4 display in Graphics.

I still have the crashes when I disconnect the HP printer and the file is looking for the inactive HP printer. But maybe that is somewhere the reason for the crash. The Graphics preview is looking for printer settings.

Just tried this whith a new file and there it works different. With a new file I see in the printer preview the printer size and in the Graphics preview I see the size I set in the Lay out options. This only works for the difference between A4 and Letter. Not for custom made formats.

Hi Daniel,

In summary, I get a crash when I try to change the printer in Print mode. This only happens if the printer in the Dorico file is not connected or not accessible.

Not a big problem now, because I can just work and now know how to deal with it.