Dorico re-writes my Tempo text

Shift-T. Type ‘rit. poco a poco’. Enter.

Dorico re-writes this as poco rit. and that is not what I want. I thought if you put in your own text, it accepts it; it’s fine for it to offer me a suggestion but it doesn’t do that - it overwrites my text with what it thinks I ought to have, and I can’t see how to alter that.

Ideas appreciated!

A workaround might be to add the rit. to one note and the poco a poco to the next …
Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 11.19.56.png
but this probably won’t play as you might wish.

No workaround needed. It’s time to investigate the properties panel…

Yep! That’s another bit of Dorico explored - thanks.

Andy - thanks - I was getting to the point of considering that, actually, but you’re right, it’s not an ideal fix…

Something that might be useful eventually is for Dorico to recognize when someone types “poco a poco”, and then automatically check the box in Properties. Similarly, if someone types a title into the top text frame, that could populate the title in the Project Info box (this has probably been suggested before, and Sibelius does something similar with titles, composer, etc.).