Dorico really slow when selecting stuff in engrave mode

Dorico slows down so much that I can’t really use certain features in engrave mode. Is this normal behaviour?

It doesn’t do this in write mode. I can select all and have no visible drop in performance while in write mode.

Not to discount your point, but why are you making such a large selection in Engrave mode in the first place? You just posted another thread about making into frames, although in Dorico you don’t need to select literally everything – one item at the start and another at the end is all you need in that context.


That is a good work around. I just don’t understand why it gets so slow selecting a page of notes in engrave mode when that doesn’t happen in write mode

Selections in Engrave mode are much more complex than in Write mode, because an item that has a single selection in Write mode can have a large number of selections in Engrave mode, and building up and manipulating that list is slower. It’s slower than it would ideally be, for sure, but since it’s normally not necessary to make large selections in Engrave mode, it’s not something we have chosen to spend our limited development time on trying to make it faster, particularly since in the medium-term we have plans for changing the way selections work to try to mitigate this problem and unify (where possible) selections in Write and Engrave modes.


As Daniel points out, you shouldn’t normally need to select large regions of objects in Engrave mode. It’s usually for making small adjustments to individual items.

If you show us why you’re selecting a whole page, then maybe we can show you a better way of achieving your desired result.