Dorico refuses me to use it


I’m a Sibelius (now 7.5) user for 20 years [ hi, Daniel! :wink: ]
I tried Dorico 1 : excessively buggy with lot of crashes,
I tried Dorico 2 : the same troubles, unusable, I thought it was due to my poor old config.

Now I have a new fresh fast and strong PC, and I really want to know if Daniel (Spreadbury) and his team did a good job before I « crossgrade » at -30% or upgrade Sibelius. I have downloaded and installed the 3.1 trial so I can spend my WE making my decision…

But ! Impossible to launch the program (missing dlls), I finally resolved the problem, but then had troubles with my activation code, then activation code recognized but not usable for a second activation (?), reactivation impossible, eLicenser recognized on my Steinberg profile but no licence to reactivate.

Certainly a new activation code could resolve the problem but no answer to the mail I sent…
I really think that Dorico refuses me to use it :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the help.

Welcome to the forum, CitizenBen. I’m not sure how you could have messed things up to such an extent that your trial license was activated and then somehow disappeared. I’ll send you another trial code by private message but I suspect it will refuse activation if you have had a previous Dorico 3 trial on your eLicenser.

Thanks Daniel,

Unfortunately you are right it does not work since “a license of the same type is already stored on the selected eLicenser” and I have no different eLicenser.

What caused the trouble:

  • installation by following the instructions
  • 2 dll missing when launching the application
  • thinking it was a license issue, I entered the code manually in the eLicenser
  • always missing dll
  • re-installation without success
  • repair of Microsoft Virtual C ++
  • launch (finally) and request for eLicence
  • license refused because already used
  • registered license manually deleted from the eLicenser
  • license still refused
    … and new license refused

I may have messed up, but all this for a demo, it does not give confidence for the future … unless someone finds a simple and quick solution, I have no reason to keep trying this software in vain, even if I do have a huge desire.

The paranoid principle of the eLicenser had definitely taken me away from Cubase many years ago, I fear it will be the same for Dorico … too bad

If you don’t have any other licenses on your Soft-eLicenser, you can force it to be recreated so that you can then use the replacement trial code I sent you. I’m afraid I don’t know the exact location of the SeLicenser.sel file on Windows, but hopefully you can find it on your system. Then you can follow the instructions I provided to Carlos here to recreate your Soft-eLicenser.

It worked !
Thanks Daniel for your advice and your patience (which I had already benefited a few years ago with Sibelius), I will now discover Dorico with pleasure and curiosity.
For information, on Windows (10) the SeLicenser.sel file is in “C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft”
Have a good day