Dorico release date - November?

An advertisement has appeared on the Dorico group on Facebook referring to a US launch event - I presume of Dorico - in November.

Is this the official general release date for the much-anticipated scoring program?

We will be doing a number of public events showing Dorico throughout the fourth quarter of the year. You shouldn’t try to draw any conclusions about which of those events might coincide with the software’s release date at this stage.

Annoying question I am sure… but…

Is the plan for Steinberg to announce something like, “The much anticipated blah blah blah, Dorico will be available (insert a future date here).”

Or is the plan for… “Surprise!!! Today is the release date!!!”

If there was a vote, which I am sure there is not, I would prefer the first. It would allow those of us that will buy the software time to organize the funds to do so.


Yes, Robby, probably most would probably prefer the former. We do know what the price will be, of course, so you could start gathering the pennies together beforehand if you wanted.

I shan’t be in a rush. I have an ongoing composition project I don’t want to interrupt in a major way while I learn a new program. I can’t see myself getting to grips with it until the New Year at the earliest. Of course, it might not be released until December 31st.

I agree ChrisC. The issue though, is I have a vacation (I think some call it a holiday) coming up in a few weeks. It is costing me a lot of money, and I am beyond a point of refund. I have had this vacation planned long before any sort of release date for Dorico was ever mentioned. Therefore, at the moment, it seems what money I do have laying aside is somehow finding its way to being used for something or another.

Believe me when I say, I will try to set aside the appropriate funds over the next few weeks. But I want to ensure that I get in for the time limited cross grade.


Chris, you might want to check the spelling of this: BA (Hons) :slight_smile:

“Chris, you might want to check the spelling of this: BA (Hons)”

Please explain; I’m totally mystified. What spelling problem do you perceive?

Me mystified also.

Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise then, would it?

… said Chris, the “bringer” of “balance” to the discussion … :laughing:

The due date may be a target for Steinberg, Daniel and his team. For us frankly I don’t see a problem if it will be December, January or whatever. The most important target, for us, but for Steinberg as well, is the best possible status of the first release.

My 1ç… :wink:

Presumably, somebody doesn’t know that for the 95% of the world population who don’t speak American English, “hon” is not an informal word meaning “honey” (as in “Honey, I’m home…”).

‘… said Chris, the “bringer” of “balance” to the discussion … :laughing:

Sorry - I’m lost again. Has this forum become something alien and weird? Or is it me?

Could GTBannah please explain?

Sorry, Chris C! I’m only now seeing this.

What I meant was, releasing it on December 31 would still be within “Q4”, so it wouldn’t be a “late” release. :wink:

(Of course, that doesn’t matter now, since it’s out.)