Dorico remote connection

If you ever offer a portable Dorico app on a tablet, how hard would it be to do the following?

Be able to leave your more powerful computer on at home loaded with libraries, and yet interact with it through an app, like say on an ipad.

The home computer does all the heavy processing and the results transfer back to your tablet where you have full control. So you get the benefit of high quality results. And can send yourself .wav files of your recording right after imputing into the score.

I don’t suggest any tablet has good enough speakers, but I find mine is acceptable with studio headphones. So, it makes it useful.

rexwine, it is technically possible for you to do this now using remote login software. I’d suspect it probable that you’d have potential issues with playback, but ultimately, you could use a tablet to access your workstation running as normal. It merely takes a dedicated client to do this.

I’ve done this using TeamViewer, once or twice. It’s painfully slow but perfectly possible.

If I do it, probably like pianoleo said below, it’s not going to work very well. But thanks.