Dorico repeat usage

Dorico does not playback the 1st ending of a repeat when using DS al Segno or DC al Fine etc. That is, it skips over the 1st ending repeat and goes straight to the 2nd ending, after receiving one of the above instructions, DS al Segno… Is there a way to have Dorico playback the 1st and 2nd endings as normal when adding DS al Segno or DC etc? In other words, Dorico playbacks the 1st and 2nd endings initially, but, when later receiving instruction to DS al Segno, it, again, skips over the 1st ending. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Thank you but this does not help. I don’t see an option to playback the 1st ending after jumping to the beginning. --in the properties of any mode, Write or Engrave panels… I am using Dorico Pro version 2.–not sure if I would need to upgrade…Kindly.

Have you tried these steps, for Dorico 2? The first step, which involves selecting the individual repeat jumps after which you want to include repeats, is necessary: you set properties on whatever’s currently selected in the music.

There’s an additional option mentioned in the tip at the end of these links, which is a Playback Option, in a separate dialog, that affects all repeats in the project. However, these links instruct you how to use a property that does apply only to individually selected repeat jumps.

This is not my experience.


Thanks again. However, I do not have such an option in the panel–unless I am looking in the wrong area. I see Repeat Endings: No (number) endings (I have 2) and No times played 2 also,

I clicked on the D.C. itself and looked in properties. But then I use Dorico Pro 4. I’m not sure this was available in version 2.

(If you are indeed inquiring about version 2, you should probably put that into a tag at the top of your initial post to attract those most familiar with that version.)

You’re selecting the repeat ending, not the repeat marker (like DC).

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thank you, thank you, thank you so much. My humble apologies for my ignorance. Blessed New Year to you!

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For the set of notations that in English all have two-word names, all beginning with “repeat” (repeat endings, repeat markers, repeat jumps, repeat section, repeat counts; and also bar repeats), I think it’s understandable that sometimes they might get mixed up!

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