Dorico reverting to non-Pro?

Today I launched Dorico and opened a large orchestral project and was greeted by this dialog box:

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 12.51.08 PM

But I’m a registered user of Dorico Pro 4. And it was working yesterday.

Here’s what SAM shows:

Then I quit Dorico, and tried to relaunch it. It hung on launch on the “waiting for audio engine” (I think - I didn’t copy it down)

I force-quit it again, relaunched it, and this time it launched normally, AND launched as Dorico Pro and had no problem (no error) opening the same orchestral file.

This has happened twice in the past few months. It’s a little unnerving.

this happened to me too…don’t worry about it…I bet it has to do something with the server and you were so unlucky to experience it two times in one month…It happened to me only once.

Make sure you’re not holding down any modifier keys when starting up Dorico: these are used to run Dorico as either Elements or SE, which can be helpful for people who use Pro themselves but want to check how a collaborator with Elements will be able to see the project, for instance.

Restarting Dorico (and making sure the audio engine is also closed before re-opening it) should allow it to run as the fullest version you have a license for.