Dorico rhythmic grid options

It is instructed in Dorico help that one can change rhythmic grid by using selection WRITE->RHYTHMIC GRID and after that just choosing available time values. The shortest one seems to be 16th note. Does this mean that you cannot choose for example 1/32 tuplet for your grid? Or is there another way to do this?

To create a 32nd note tuplet, in note input mode (i.e. caret visible), first choose the 32nd note on the Notes panel, then type ; (semicolon) to open the tuplet popover, enter the desired ratio, e.g. 3:2, and hit Return.

Thanks Daniel, I think your advise applies to a direct note writing. I mean, when I have an empty staff, I can write notes of any time values as you tell. My case is related (again) in editing of an imported MIDI file (see my other post) or other corrective measures, i.e. when I want to correct notes with wrong time values.

I think I have to wait for the upcoming new version or update where MIDI import is improved (as you told in your message about my MIDI import question).

The rhythmic grid settings are not used for importing MIDI files: that uses a probabilistic approach to determining which note values should be used.

Daniel, would it be possible to add the demisemiquaver to the durations available for the rhythmic grid? I too have had several situations where this would have been helpful.

Daniel, I see your point of view concerning the rhythmic grid. Interpretation of the MIDI file is another issue, for which I sent a separate post. Still extending the rhythmic durations would be well motivated as “fkretlow” above suggests.

The next update will include 32nd notes (demisemiquavers) in the rhythmic grid values.