Dorico sale?

Sorry for the kind of annoying question, but is there any guess on whether Dorico will go on sale this summer?

That there will be sales has (IIRC) been announced. When they will be has not.

logsplitter, if you have signed up to the Steinberg newsletter, you should get notified on sales and special offers.
I might be wrong, but just a week ago I received a 50% offer on Dorico upgrade (which I ignored, because it’s not relevant for me).

Thanks for the tips. I am signed up for the Steinberg newsletter, but have only been seeing sales on virtual and sample instruments, not Dorico yet.

It might be that we don’t think you’re interested in Dorico, because you don’t yet have a Dorico license of any kind, or you’ve not downloaded a Dorico trial version? If so, try requesting a Dorico SE license: that way we’ll know you’re interested in Dorico.

I believe we have plans to introduce a way of indicating which product lines or subject areas you are interested in if you wish, but I’m not sure when that will be done.

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve been waiting for a sale on Dorico upgrades to finally purchase an upgrade. I have Dorico 1, and downloaded the Dorico 5 trial a few months ago, which has now expired. I’m signed up for the newsletter but didn’t receive any email about a Dorico upgrade offer. I just now saw a forum thread about a 50% sale about a month ago. Looks like the offer expired. Might have to wait another several months. I’m downloading Dorico SE now, but if there’s anything else I can do to be alerted about future Dorico upgrade sales, let me know.

From elements to pro? I have elements and I’m waiting for a sale so I can upgrade to pro, but I haven’t gotten any e-mails yet about it :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, @Eric_Falley. Make sure that your existing Dorico 1.x eLicenser-based license is registered in your MySteinberg account, and go to and in the Newsletter tab, make sure that the option to receive newsletters is switched on. There have already been two opportunities to buy the Dorico 5 update at a discount, so you should certainly have received an email about it from us, but if you haven’t, it will be because either you are not opted in to our newsletters, or we don’t “know” that you have a Dorico license.

If you’re running Dorico 3 or later, then the application itself will notify you when a sale is active, but you have to run the app at least twice during the sale period: each time you launch Dorico it checks whether there is any special announcement to show, and it downloads that information but doesn’t show it at that point (we don’t want to make the application slow to open, so we stash it away rather than waiting for it to be downloaded). The next time you run the app, if it downloaded something last time, it will show it at that point. (Unfortunately if you don’t run Dorico often, this might end up being shown to you after the sale is finished – this is something we improved in Dorico 5.)

Some other ways to keep in touch are to follow us on social media (@DoricoOfficial on Twitter/X, @DoricoOfficial on Facebook, @dorico on Instagram), or to add the RSS feed for the Dorico blog to your feed reader.

Unless a sales promotion is targeted purely via email (which it sometimes is, like the most recent one), we will always announce any special offers on all of these channels. And, of course, we’ll also announce them here on the forum.

I downloaded Dorico 3 SE a while ago and have my “newsletter setting” set to on, but haven’t seen any email notices about a sale since before last fall at least…

Does anyone know when the last sale was?

The most recent sale was for those who owned a pre-4.0 version of Dorico and needed to switch over to the “new” licensing system before the old system ends next year.

Since SE is a free program, one does not need to upgrade to replace SE with a newer version of the program.

Upgrading from one level of the program to a more expensive version was not (IIRC) an option in the most recent sale.

Not everyone received an e-mail, only those who would be affected.

Ok, good to know. I’m a new prospective customer and would prefer Dorico, so am hoping to see the usual (yearly?) discount for full Dorico.

Thanks Daniel!