Dorico sample comparison

I transferred part of piece I had been working on into Dorico using its notation. Both are basically unprocessed/untweaked and they use the same East West patches.

But they don’t sound much the same to me. I added legato to Dorico and adjusted the volume to match. There’s almost nothing done with the raw samples in my DAW. There’s some natural crescendo when a few instrument enter after a couple measure. The dorico sounds a bit thinner and less rich to me. Not sure why they would be different. Is it my imagination?

This is just a few bars o each
A/B comparison. (pay no attention to file name, I was using an old piece with deleted parts because it had EW samples already set up)


It sounds to me like expression is maxed out - did you find that you had to lower the volume in Dorico?

Hmm, I wonder if my ears are going deaf. Anyway, A is from the Daw, and b is from Dorico.

Are you using the correct expression map and dynamic setting? There appears to be very little dynamic variation. Note that in Dorico 3 you can now use a second dynamic controller, so that dynamics controls both velocity and a MIDI CC, which may work better with some EW patches.