Dorico Saving Characteristics

I wonder if anyone could confirm, or otherwise, my understanding of this.

In Dorico, as soon as a change is made in a project an asterisk appears by the file name (top left). However, if a change is only made to a sample player (in my case Synchron Player) then no asterisk is generated BUT NEVERTHELESS the change is captured if the project is saved. That’s my current belief, at any rate.

Most of the time it’s likely that changes to a player will be made in the context of changes in the Dorico project itself so the issue simply doesn’t arise. But occasionally I’ve opened a project, changed something in the Synchron Player, been interrupted, come back to close, checked that there was no asterisk, so not saved before closing. Only on reopening did I discover that the player change had not been saved.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Yes, there is a bit of a disconnect between VSTs and Dorico documents.

This is because VSTs are separate processes (and hosted by the VST Audio Engine process, rather than Dorico itself.

Dorico saves the state of VSTs as part of its document saving process; but you’re right that changing the VST’s contents don’t mark the document as ‘altered’.

It’s always worth saving before closing. I only choose not to save when I know that there are changes I don’t want to keep. If I re-save a project when nothing has changed, then no harm done.

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Thanks, good to get your confirmation. I think I’d become a little too dependent on that asterisk!

yes, I’ve learned the hard way here as well on more than one occasion. Always save before closing!