Dorico say its installed but it's not

Hallo people

I had to uninstall Dorico as it stopped working on my Surface Pro 3. This happened shortly after changing a soundcard in the audio preferences. It would not connect to the audio engine, so would not boot, or froze as it booted, which meant that I could not even revert back from the soundcard I had switched to… Now I can’t reinstall it. When I run the installer it says Dorico is installed even though I uninstalled it. I tried running the Steinberg Download assistant, even reinstalling it (the assistant) and running it, but it just crashes when I hit download for Dorico in the GUI.

Any ideas anyone ? Not overly wishing to go back to Sibelius but if Dorico won’t reinstall I will have no choice :frowning:

Thanks all,


Have you tried trashing the VSTAudioEngine_64 folder in … appdata/roaming/steinberg ?

Thx Fratveno, tried that, not working but interesting to see how much stuff from Dorico is still there even tho I uninstalled it, this is obviously complicating a reinstall.

I appreciate your input but think I may be back in Sibelius for tonight at least, Dorico just does not want me !



When you uninstall ‘Steinberg Dorico’ from the Programs and Features applet in Control Panel, you are uninstalling only Dorico itself: the HALion Sonic SE 2 plug-in and its content, and HALion Symphonic Orchestra, are all unaffected, as they are installed by separate installers.

I would suggest you run the clean-up script that is linked to in the FAQ thread to see whether that gets Dorico up and running again.

If you need to redownload Dorico but SDA isn’t working for you, the Windows installer is here.

Thanks Daniel for getting back so late in the day and responding, I appreciate it. I was so terrified of having to go back to working in Sibelius I have been on this for at least three hours this evening and finally got it up and running, I am not even quite sure how tbh ;p It involved deleting several folders in appdata then re-downloading the download assistant and full installer.

I will be very wary of trying to change soundcard settings now; I will just live with the sound out of the surface speakers, I only use audio from Dorico to check stuff anyway. I just wanted to have my cake and eat it :neutral_face:

Thanks again for your commitment and have a good Sunday.


I’m sorry to hear that you had problems getting started. You shouldn’t have to worry about changing the soundcard settings: even if it causes Dorico to hang at startup you can usually get it working again by running the cleanup script that’s linked from the FAQ.

Thanks Paul, that’s good to know.