dorico se 3.5 chord symbols not showing after flow import into project

I’m new the forum and to Dorico SE so apologies if this question has appeared before but I couldn’t find a search function in the forum.

Question: Why aren’t the chord symbols in a flow I’m importing appearing in the target project flow after import?

They appear in the Chord Popover of the target project/flow but not in the flow layout. I don’t think I’ve set anything to be hidden but it’s possible as I’m in the learning process and therefore trying different things.
Any help/advice would be great.

Welcome to the forum, dcaqu. Although this page is for Dorico Pro rather than Dorico SE, the procedure is the same:

Hiding/showing chord symbols

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the quick response. I’ll check that out.

By the way is there a Dorico SE Forum?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks, that worked. I had the “Show for Rhythm Section Instruments” checked.

There’s no specific Dorico SE forum, no. Since so much is in common between Dorico Pro, Elements and SE it helps to keep our community in a single forum.