Dorico SE 3.5 Failed Activation

I downloaded the free Dorico SE 3.5 and when I activated it this appeared on my screen and I thought this is free but it shows that this is only a trial version :sob: :sob: :sob:2021-08-30|690x387 can anyone give me an extending support on how to remedy this one? Thanks a lot:)

Isn’t this because you get a 30-day trial in any case, if you’ve never used it? I honestly don’t know, since I bought Dorico pro on day one (oct 19th, 2016) but I think that was the idea. You can use any of the three flavours for 30 days and once the trial is over, you have SE.

Marc this is the free Dorico SE 3.5. I was happy to download this and watch the video Steinberg posted on their site. I followed the procedure and after the activation, I was expecting my newly acquired Dorico but it didn’t go that way. The version is trial version.

If you already have another Steinberg product, like Cubase Pro, and a USB-eLicenser connected to your computer, then Dorico will be finding the time-limited “all applications” license on your USB-eLicenser and using that in preference to the Dorico SE license. If you activated Dorico SE onto your USB-eLicenser, then there’s nothing much you can do: your “all applications” license will eventually run out, and then Dorico will run as SE. But if you activated Dorico SE onto your Soft-eLicenser (i.e. on your computer’s hard drive rather than onto the USB-eLicenser) then you can simply unplug your USB-eLicenser, and Dorico will run as SE.