Dorico SE 3.5 No Orchestra or vocal libs


Trying to try out Dorico SE.

I have Cubase 10.5 Pro and when I tried to install the sounds for Dorico, the installer says all three components are already installed and only gives me the option to delete them or do nothing. But the Orchestral and Vocal libs are not in my Cubase 10.5 installed Halion libs.

How do I install the missing Halion libs?

Opening the first sample score that comes with Dorico loads 2 instances of Halion, but all 16 slots on the first one are empty and most of the second.


Have a look under C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound , that’s where the libraries get installed. What is listed in there?
Double click on one of the vstsound files, that shall register it with the Steinberg Library Manager.
If the Library Manager “sees” the libraries, Dorico should do likewise.
If it still does not do, go in Dorico to Edit > Preferences, choose the VST Plug-ins tab and scroll down and push the button ‘Clear audio engine cache’.
Then restart Dorico and try again loading a sample project.

I clicked on several vstsound files. Lib manager said they were already installed.
Cleared Audio engine cache and I now see selections in Halion rack, but almost nothing plays.
And I see - ‘Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.’

Files in Halion\VST Sound:

Are the Dorico sounds there?
In the Lib Manager, I only see the libs that came with Cubase 10.5 Pro

Looking in
G:\Cubase\Dorico\WIN64\Dorico SE 3.5.10 Sounds Installer\HALion Sonic SE\Additional Content\VST Sound\HALion Sonic SE Content
I see vstsound files that are not in the Halion lib folder such as FCP_SMT_101_HSSE_Artist_Instrument_Presets_02.vstsound
But double clicking on it I still get the already registered message.
I see only 6 xxx_HSSE libs in the lib folder, but I have 20 in HALion Sonic SE Content under Dorico.
How can I install them? The Dorico sound installer just says Halion already installed, no option to just install the new sounds.

But under G:\Cubase\Dorico\WIN64\Dorico SE 3.5.10 Sounds Installer\HALion Sonic SE\Additional Content\VST Sound\HALion Resources
All of those ARE in the Halion lib folder

Ah, you have Dorico SE, I overread that. Most of the Dorico sample projects were created using HALion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO) which comes along with Dorico Pro. So you try to load them into SE and it’s looking for the HSO sounds, but of course can’t find them.
So what you have to do is, go to Play mode and from the menu choose ‘Play > Playback Template’ and then the ‘HSSE (SE)’ template. It will then only pick sounds from the ones that you actually have installed.

Thanks for the help - after changing the template and saving it as SE project, no errors on opening the project. Almost all GM sounds though, some of which aren’t very good, but it is playing now.

Any reason those 14 HSSE files are not installed in Halion?
It seems Dorico came with a lot of special SE soundsfor Halion, none of which are installed in Halion. I only have the ones that came with Cubase Pro installed.

Is there a way to add them manually?

Those other files are there already, but at a different location, namely C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound
Because they are not sound files but contain the presets. The sounds are just the raw sound data. The presets tell which sound files to use, the layering, what effects, etc., basically the overall setting for a sound patch. So you have everything installed for Dorico SE.
And if you have the feeling that it does not sound good enough, then you either need to buy Dorico Pro (which comes with HALion Symphonic Library) or some other third party sound library.

Before buying Pro I wanted to try out Dorico, so I could compare it to the Cubase Pro score editor and decide which one was best for what I need.
Thanks for helping me get it set up!