Dorico se 3 chord


I Am thinking about download the free dorico se
3 and install, but i dont know if really need it!.

First of all, i have to tell a little bit about

I am a keyboard player, and have been
playing piano keyboard for many years.
Its has been ten years ago, i have been
reading music sheets.
Now i allmost forgot how to read music

I can read chord symbol, even the more
complicated ones.

What i am trying to say is, can Dorico actually
teach me reading music sheets ??.
Allso , when playing chord from a midi
keyboard, can dorico se 3 capture the chord
i am playing, like Cmaj7, and show chord
symbol ??.

I dont want to buy dorico element, since
my primary goal is, only to use dorico se
as a simple assistent, helping me writing
sheet, show chords symbol etc.

Dorico SE can certainly notate what you play on your keyboard, including recognising chord symbols. Dorico’s primary function is not to teach users how to read/write music, though - there are other programs designed specifically to do that (not to mention human teachers!).

If you only want to make scores with one instrument or two instruments (e.g. piano and vocal) there is no difference between SE and Elements.

MIDI note input will certainly capture the exact notes you play, but if you have “forgotten” how to read sheet music you may have problems getting the rhythm correct. Dorico can’t guess what time signature and tempo you were supposed to be playing in, it can only do its best to record what you actually play!

But since SE is free, you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Thank you.
I know many musicians cant read notes,
and skipping the notes only reading the
chords symbol on the music sheet is
much easier, plus you can listen to the
music, picking up those chord you want,
but this is not the best way of learning
reading notes, eventually i have to
learn how to read music sheet, notes etc.
That’s ok with me, and if i can use dorico se
to help me learning reading notes and chords,
it will be a big help.
Actually i can read notes, but just a little bit,
but its all about pratice and remember,
i think most people reading notes, stroggle
to rememeber notes meaning etc, atleast
i do.
I think dorico se is a good place to start.

Sorry, i dont mean, that dorico should help
me learing notes, i want dorico to show
me which key i am playing , and chords,
this is what i hope dorico will do for me,
and you guys allready mentioned that dorico
can do that!