Dorico SE 3 installs as Dorico Pro

I have downloaded Dorico SE 3 through Steinberg dowload assistant, got the license by mail and added to my e-license dongle.
When I start Dorico it’s Dorico 3 Pro and works as trial despite the exe was Dorico SE 3.
I have cubase 10.5 Pro installed, could be that the problem? Any idea?

I expect you have an “all applications” time-limited license on your USB-eLicenser. Dorico will use the best available license type, so until your “all applications” license runs down Dorico will run as Dorico Pro.

I see. Basically I can use Dorico Pro till the trial will expire, then it will run as Dorico SE right?

That’s exactly right.

Thank you very much for the kindly support :slight_smile: