Dorico SE 5 does not start: can't connect to audio engine

Hi, I can’t open Dorico because of this issue. I’m using a MacBook Pro.
I attach the diagnostics.

Can anyone help me please?
Dorico (75,6 KB)

Hi @Marco_Bisi , welcome to the forum and sorry for your trouble.

I haven’t had a deep look, yet, but I saw that you still have an old GrooveAgent installed which could make that trouble.
So first thing I’d like you to update to the current 5.2 version of GrooveAgent and see if that solves already your issue.

Actually, I did now find the detail I was looking for and yes, I’m certain now that GrooveAgent SE is the trouble maker here, so please update via the Steinberg Download Assistant. You will find it as a recommended package in the Dorico section.

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Thank you so much, it worked!

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