Dorico SE display single parts problem

Trying out SE and have created a few bars and thrown in a few notes etc and all fine.
The two parts are violin and double bass which display fine in full score.
However if I try to select single parts to view from the drop down menu I get either full score or double bass as options but no violin.
Is this a restriction?
Also in print mode I weirdly get 3 options, ‘full score’, ‘double bass’ and ‘empty part’ which shows the subtitle ‘Flow 1 Tacet’ and has no note content. But still no violin.

Hi @Skywest, that sounds like somehow your violin player has become detached from their part layout. If you switch to Setup mode, you can re-assign the violin player to the empty part.

Here’s an overview of the relationships between players, layouts and flows as well in case that helps you understand how this all works.

Empty part doesn’t appear in setup, only violin and double bass. If I select ‘move instrument to another player’ the only other option is double bass.
Empty part only appears in print.

In Setup mode, in the panel on the right where layouts are listed (rather than the left, where players are listed) is there a card that says “Empty part” ?

(PS if you’re new to Dorico, you may like our First Steps guide for new users. It takes you through creating a short piano piece and explains some key bits of how Dorico works and approaches things along the way.)

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Thanks, that fixed it.!