Dorico SE download does not work (code never arrives in mail)

So, due to the fact that my Dorico Pro license only runs on one computer, I decided I would at least download SE to the other. But the download code doesn’t show up in the mail, although things seem to be working as normal on the page. Is this a known issue?

Welcome to the forum, enor. I’ll send you an activation code via private message here, so please check your inbox.

I run into the same problem. I completely fresh-installed my laptop.
I want to install Dorico SE (since the PRO-version is already running on another computer), but no email, with a download-link and an activation-code, arrives.
Thx in advance for a reaction and/or solving this.
Greetz, Steven

PS I know this had been frequently before, but is there any news on the new licensing-system, especially for the situation that is would make it possible to have one license, two computer (desktop in the studio, laptop for on the road)?

I did the same thing for the same reason. Unfortunately SE is so limiting I’m unable to use it for anything. Don’t expect any word on when the new licensing system will arrive, it will be here when it gets here.

i’m having the same issue. i’ve tried from my little laptop and my phone and the code simply doesn’t arrive in either my inbox or spam. i’m using gmail so i don’t know if it’s being filtered out at a server level or if the emails are just not being sent properly.

would be awfully nice to have a licensing system where you can run one at a time rather than one devoted installation like how office works — i am just one person so i don’t ever need dorico open on multiple simultaneous machines but i have my desktop for serious work, my laptop and a convertible tablet for traveling that i’m constantly switching between. for now i guess i can deal with se on the others to at least jot down new ideas. but it would be nice at least to be able to get se to install without the disastrous licensing package. steinberg makes the best software i have ever used and the most twitchy and cumbersome licensing platform. :frowning:

Welcome to the forum, @avis. I’ll send you a Dorico SE activation code to your private message box here on the forum.

As for your comments about our licensing system, we are in the middle of working on a new licensing system that will replace the current eLicenser system, and hopefully it will be a significant improvement when it arrives.

I have also tried many times over many months to get an activation code for any version of Dorico SE and it always says to check my email for the activation code and then click next.

But the email has never arrived and I have never been able to try Dorico at any version. I’ve done a search each time of my entire mailbox file (slow and time consuming. I don’t have any idea where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Forum, @negationstate . I think you will soon wish you had spoken here earlier since it is highly likely that someone (@dspreadbury ) will soon contact you here to send you an SE license via your Private Message box.

Every time I tried to get an activation code for a Steinberg (free or demo) product, I never received any email. I think the procedure does not work, but if you open a support request on MySteinberg the support staff then sends you the activation code.