Dorico SE Flow heading/number/title issues

Hello! I’ve been a happy Dorico Pro user since day 1, and appreciate it so much I downloaded Dorico SE on my wife’s computer so she could use it for her teaching exercises (instead of Finale, which she had been using). Mostly this has been a good change for her (especially the ability to corral various exercises into one layout for a student or group of students, rather than printing out many separate sheets from many different files); however, we’ve run into some weird issues regarding Flow heading placement and appearance. In two instances, the heading appears in the wrong spot or is overlapping music. In two other instances, Flow numbers and titles simply aren’t appearing. In the first case, the problem appears in Layout A but not Layout B. In the second case, that problem appears in Layout B but not Layout A. I’m attaching some screenshots in case anyone has any thoughts! I have never run into these issues with my own use of Dorico Pro, but I’ve also not yet created a project with as many flows as this one (which has 28 flows). Thank you so much for your time and help!

It’s difficult to know exactly what’s happened, but my guess is that your wife has double-clicked on a text frame somewhere on each of the problem pages and manually typed or deleted the content of the text frame. This constitutes a page override, and will be evidenced by a red corner in the right panel of Engrave mode (if you open the file on your computer in Dorico Pro).

Once a page is overridden, Dorico stops doing any automatic layout work on that page, meaning that the text frames (including flow headings) are locked in place.

In SE there’s nothing you can do about this except to create a new layout. If you’re inclined to open these files in Pro, you can go to Engrave mode, right-click the page in the top of the right panel and Remove Page Overrides.

Thank you so much! I bet you’re right - I didn’t realize edited frames result in page overrides in this way. Yes, I’ll open the file in Dorico Pro and fix it that way. Thank you again!