Dorico SE instead of pro on an old machine

I would like to install Dorico Pro on 3 machines (iMac, MBP/M1 and MBAir/M1).
I have an old MBP from 2013 with Mojave.
From time to time I use this machine too and therefore I installed DoricoSE 3.5.
All ok.

Now I updated to DoricoSE4 on that machine and got a download code for that.
But when I start DoricoSE4 (ctrl/Cmd), it starts as DoricoSE4 but reserves a Pro license.
On Activation Manager I see both licenses activated (Dorico Pro 4 and Dorico SE)
This I do not want because I want to use the PRO licenses for the other machines.
Is there a way ?

I am afraid there are some known problems with using ctrl/cmd to run as Dorico SE when what you have is a Dorico Pro licence. We hope to fix this shortly.