Dorico SE key command for system break doesn't work

One of my students asked for a key command for a system break in Dorico SE.
I looked in Preferences, key commands, system break; and it says shift S.
I also made a jump bar alias (sb). Both don’t work as expected.
Can anybody help me out ?

Not sure this kind of formatting is available for SE.

You’re right, Shift-S is assigned but it doesn’t work. The Menu command also does not indicate it is assigned.

In Pro, it’s restricted to Engrave Mode. I wonder if you edited the key commands file and moved it to Write mode if it would work.

EDIT: I tried to delete it and manually add it to Write mode on my user level key command file. It did not work.

Thanks Craig_F and Derrek,
For myself : I’m working in Dorico Pro since day one…
No problem that the free Dorico SE version doesn’t have this possibility , but I’m wondering why the option is visible in key commands in the edit menu ?

It seems SE doesn’t have a distinct key commands file. The key command is restricted to Engrave mode which SE doesn’t have.