Dorico SE next to Pro

I’m a music teacher working with Dorico Pro. The availability of Dorico SE is interesting for my students. Is it possible for me to install Dorico SE next to Dorico Pro 3.1 on the same WIndows 10 system and keep them separated? So I could experience the differences and be compatible with a student that has installed Dorico SE only (while working in SE). So when I start SE I would like to see only the functionality of SE and not the additional functions of Pro.

On a Windows PC press and hold the „Strg“ button when you start Dorico.

Thanks Reinhard that helps! The next step I’m thinking: then i could leave my Steinberg Dongle at home and work with SE on my laptop during my lessons. But then i would have to activate SE on the computer itself with the code I received and leave the Pro license on the dongle (without plugging it in). Would that work, and would the elicenser be able to differentiate between the two situations or would it disrupt my installation?

Solved. Just tried it and it works. Only the first time some application not found errors, but the second time start is fluent. Also when the dongle is present Dorico Pro starts right away.

Yes, you can certainly install a Dorico SE license on your Soft-eLicenser and that will be used if your USB-eLicenser with your Dorico Pro license is not connected.