Dorico SE - no eMail, not even in spam


i’m trying to download Dorico SE. I am logged in in my MySteinberg.
I am told that an email will be sent to my address. But it never arrives. Not even in the spam folder …
I tried with Firefox an I tried with Opera…

What can I do?


Some SE initiates have received the wrong code, so perhaps Dorico is holding off slightly until they can be sure to send you an operable code.

Ok, Derrek, thanks for the information!

So I’ll be waiting :unamused:

If you’ve not had the email, you’re not going to get it, I’m afraid. I’ll send you a code via a private message.


same here didn’t get an email…

I also didn’t get an email, can you please send me the code? thanks

Welcome to the forum, Simon. Check your private message inbox.


I'm having the same issue, I haven't received any email. Any help would be kindly appreciated. 


Check your private mailbox, CheffHex. I’ll send you an activation code.

Hi there, I have the same problem. I have downloaded the software but now need an activation code please. Thanks for your help.

I have just received an activation code from support so please forget this request.

Glad you’ve got the code you needed, @Chris_Rollason. And welcome to the forum!

Hi there.
Same here, I’ve just been fumbling through all my boxes, and spam folder and what not, til I realised I probably wasn’t the only one…

@dspreadbury : a chance to get that code in my forum box ?

Hi everybody,

months later, the issue still does not seem to be solved.

Did not receive an email (tried several times), also checked the SPAM folder.
Is there a chance to receive a code via direct message as well? If yes, where do I get the download from? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

There is one download for all Dorico versions (iPad version excepted). The activation code is what determines the version you can open.