Dorico SE on new computer

Odd thing. New mac mini, trying to install Dorico SE. Installer installs Dorico Pro (full version) instead. Can not find any way to get SE instead. I have a license for the full version and have used the same Steinberg account, same mailadress. Any ideas?

There is only one Dorico! The type of licence you have determines whether it runs as SE, Elements, or Pro.

You’ll need to make sure in Steinberg Licencing that your SE licence is active for this new Mini, instead of the full one.

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If you do genuinely have both a Dorico Pro and a Dorico SE licence in your account, and you want to ensure that you only use the SE licence, you may want to turn off “Available licenses are automatically activated when a product is used” in the Settings page of SAM.

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@Richar_Lanyon. Thank you, that solved it.

Note for myself: when starting Dorico it “automagically” activated the Pro license. And Pro requires different sound libraries compared to SE. Deactivation did not work as it was activated again.

Might add that the reason is that I want to to have SE on this computer is to communicate with fellow musicians on what you can do in Dorico SE in order for them to not select some other program.

If you have Pro, you can hold down {some keys} at startup, to have it launch as SE or Elements. I can’t remember what they are – probably Shift or Alt.

As @benwiggy says…

Ctrl-Alt- launches Dorico SE.
Shift-Alt- launches Dorico Elements.

Cmd-Alt on a Mac.
Press those keys immediately (like 0.1 sec.!) after launching Dorico.

It’s only one key at a time you need to hold down:
Alt/Option for Elements
Ctrl/Command for SE

I just tried it again.

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Great thanks to you all at this superhelpful community.