Dorico SE. RUS Error " F"

Error entering notes “F”. Entering the Fa note is only possible with hot keys. Without hotkeys, no. In the Russian version.

Thanks for your feedback, Alexsound. So you’re saying you can’t play the note F on your MIDI keyboard to input a note of that pitch?

Daniel hello,
Most probably, he would like to say that it’s not possible to enter F note by pressing just F key on the computer keyboard, and key command combination needs to be created for this purpose.

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But that’s precisely what F does. Already.

Dan, have you confirmed that using a Russian keyboard and running Dorico in Russian?

Dan hello,
Yes, I know what F does. :slight_smile: I’ve tried Dorico in Russian and there is no problem inserting F notes from any octave by the MIDI controller.
I’ve noticed that Dorico is keyboard language dependent. If you use it in English, the should be in UK/US, if you use it in Russian, than the keyboard
should be set into Russian language… If you use Dorico in Russian, but the keyboard is in UK/US layout you are unable to enter notes.

Greetings :slight_smile:

For the record we have of course run Dorico with a Russian keyboard, and have set up specific default keyboard shortcuts for Russian keyboards (we didn’t just stick random characters in the key commands file and hope for the best). So let’s please wait for Alexsound to return to the forum and let us know what he means. Thanks.

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