Dorico Se seems to take over my laptop speaker

I’ve just loaded Dorico se on my laptop and discovered that once it’s activated nothing else can play through my speakers. Is this normal?

If you are on Windows, check your sound system settings.
This must be unchecked, else Dorico will commandeer!

Brilliant Janus! Thanks for your prompt response and solution!

Whilst I have your attention can I ask a couple more simple settling-in questions related to my use of Dorico for Ipad and Dorico SE on my Windows laptop?

  1. I used my Yamaha DGX 660 digital piano keyboard to record a song which I exported to Dorico on my Ipad by midi file. The Yamaha piano sounds are great but the playback in Dorico sounded mechanical and thin, particularly in the bass. Is this the way midi works by losing the initial quality in translation? Do I need to add anything to my Dorico app to improve the sound?
  2. If I purchased the upgrade from Dorico SE on my laptop during the current sale, would I also automatically get the Ipad upgrade or is that an additional and separate subscription?
    Much appreciated!


There are many threads here on ipad sounds - search and you will find (I can’t help as I do not have an ipad)

All I know about upgrades is that Dorico have made some commitments about the upcoming Dorico 4. I think future ipad upgrades are a separate issue as it is contingent on Apple’s policies. Again I’ve not watched closely as I’m not an ipad user.

iPad subscription is completely independent of desktop purchase.

For iPad sounds, you want to look into Audio Units.

Much appreciated!

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