Dorico SE Slash Chords


I’m trying the free version of Dorico today to see if I like it better than Finale before buying a full version.

I have been trying to enter some slash chords (like C/E), but when I enter the chord it only shows “/E”, not “C/E”.

Is there a different way you are supposed to do this, or is it a bug?


Welcome to the forum, NR Korsakov. If you have (say) a C chord followed by C/E, Dorico by default shows only the changing bass note to save space. In full Dorico Pro you have control over this and hundreds of other aspects of the appearance of chord symbols via the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options, but in Dorico SE and Dorico Elements you’re limited to Dorico’s defaults.

If you’re thinking of switching from Finale, this is a good week to do it as you can save 30% on the price of the crossgrade from Finale if you buy before Thursday and use the code JANSALE30 at checkout.

Thank you Daniel!

And thanks for the tip!