Dorico SE Sounds Content Installation


I just downloaded Dorico SE, and I’m wondering if it’s necessary to install the Dorico SE Sounds content. The installer appears to want to install both Halion SE as well as content. I already have Halion SE and content as part of my Cubase Pro installation. Is there any additional Halion SE content that comes with Dorico SE that I don’t have as part of my Cubase Halion SE installation? Or am I good with just installing the Dorico SE application?


Somewhere, there will be a Playback Template and a set of Expression Maps for Dorico, which are not part of your Cubase Halion installation. Without those, Dorico playback won’t work automatically.

I don’t know if those (small) files are part of the Dorico installer or part of the Halion SE sounds installer.

If you can create a simple project (e.g. a bar of piano music) and it plays back, obviously you don’t need to install anything else Otherwise, install the Dorico SE sounds would be the simplest option.

AFAIK the Halion installers are smart enough not to create duplicate copies of the samples, which occupy most of the file space, so installing the Dorico SE sounds might not use much extra disk space.

There’s no harm in running the Dorico SE sounds installer: it won’t overwrite a later version of HSSE than the one you have installed, and it won’t spray additional content everywhere. However, if you already have HSSE3 and its content installed and when you run Dorico SE it can happily play back, then you don’t need to run the installer.

Thanks guys! I guess I will go ahead and install the content. It does seem to work already without installing the content, except that in my brief messing around with it, at one point there was a “missing content” message, though everything else I played came through fine. I’d rather make sure I have everything installed, including templates, expression maps, and whatever else, now that I know it won’t mess up my current HSSE installation.