Dorico SE vs. Dorico Pro: Windows Executable File

Do both (all?) editions of Dorico use the same Windows executable file? I’m trying to use Dorico SE for the first time and I’m positive that’s what I chose but Dorico will only run as Dorico Pro. The Dorico SE soft-eLicense is successfully activated and stored… and also shows up on Steinberg’s site.

I know some companies will build a different executable for each edition and some will use the same one for all editions… I’m trying to narrow down what the problem could be. I’ve been using Cubase Pro for years (actually have 2 copies of v10) on Mac and Windows so I’m quite familiar with how the eLicenser works.

Yes, all Dorico editions use the same binary/executable. At startup the application decides as to what “flavour” to launch, depending on what license it finds. You probably have a time limited license for all Steinberg products to try out, that’s what Dorico finds and therefore starts as Pro. But you can force Dorico into launching as SE by pressing Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) immediately after you launch Dorico, and holding the key down until the splash screen appears.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was the All Products license causing the issue… should have noticed that at the top of the licenses with the trial time remaining displayed.

It’s worth noting that the All Products license is not movable to another USB key so I’m just running out the clock on it by leaving Dorico “Pro” open. Holding the Ctrl key on Dorico startup also worked although it starts and pauses modally on the same “Buy Now” / “Continue Trial” screen. After I selected “Continue Trial” I saw the Dorico SE splash screen and all was well.

P.S. I also own Wavelab Pro, Absolute Collection, and SpectraLayers so I won’t need to try any more Steinberg products for at least a little while :slight_smile:

Ulf-- This doesn’t work for me as you’ve described it. On my MacBook Pro, I have to already be holding the Cmd key down when I launch the application, for it to come up as SE. Or holding down Alt when I launch, for it to come up as Elements. Even though this is a relatively old thread [four days is old around here], I thought I’d post this info in case other people like me can’t do it the way you describe. It does work fine if you do the keys in the order I’m suggesting.


Thanks L3B for correcting me. Actually, I also just copied that info from another thread, which was then obviously wrong. I never tried it myself, only ever running Pro all the time :wink:

It does work as Ulf described on Windows. I don’t use Macs but the exact procedure seems to be different.

On Windows, if you hold down a key like Alt or Ctrl first, you can’t launch anything. You have to press the key immediately after launching Dorico and hold it till the splash screen appears.

FWIW as a Windows user, I was confused at first by Daniel’s (presumably Mac-oriented) description of how to do this in the Release Notes.

OK, then, I guess the procedure is slightly different between Windows and Mac. Somebody should point that out in some official place or other!

Hopefully, at the very least, people trying to launch SE or Elements from a Pro installation will find this thread and get their approach straight.